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I am an explorer. And as all natural born explorers do; I feel, embrace, travel and research to the bone.


Dance is the international language I take with me wherever I go. I dived so deeply into dances and cultures that people couldn’t believe I was not one of them. I love to feel my growth getting fuller and richer with every step I make.

I live in Belgium. I work here and sometimes there, connecting my inner creative urge with the audience I perform for. That makes me one of Flanders’ unique choreographers.


I love to share my passion through exchange and teaching. So, I have taught dancers in Belgium, France, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Together with my own teacher Shila Mehta, I made one of my childhood dreams come true and installed an Indian-acknowledged Kathak training in Belgium.



Be aware, here comes some name dropping! 
When I was sixteen years old, I was a laureate of the “best Belgian Dance Solo”. Ever since I have remained in contact with Alain Platel. My first tour outside of Europe was in Morocco with Gnaoua Fusion (a project by KVS & Hassan Boussou). I lived in Egypt for a year (2001-2002), where I danced for the National Ballet of Cairo, among others (Al-Qawmiyya). For the December Dance Festival (MAZ-2011) I presented AGNI. Invited by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, I performed at the Musée Etnografique in Paris (2009) and I have worked for the Opera of Gent (Youth show Prinses Aiko, 2011-2012). For Europalia India (2013) I created Milaap (a documentary performance) and Belgium meet Bollywood (a popular project). For Women Speak (2019) I  worked with CC Evergem. With Gori KaDance, Va Fan Fahre, Rangeela and Spinifex I performed at most festivals and cultural centers of Flanders – with a foreign tour as well. 

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