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Maya represents the authenticity of


I love to share the beauty of the Indian and Oriental traditions,

a passion passed on from mother to daughter.

Marble Surface

Fortetza was choreographed for the CD release of Blue Silence by Robbe Kieckens en Tristan Driessens, edited by Nico Himschoot and danced by Maya Sapera

Oriental Dance

I was the lucky person who accompanied my mother on her many dance research travels and so was injected with the many traditions of North-Africa and the Middle-East.  My love for dance, music and discovery was born.

Indian Dance

Always in search of balance you'll find me creating with the wholeness of the classical art form Kathak or connecting to life force through Kalbeliya and other folk dances of Rajasthan. Supported by my dance mother Shila Mehta and my music partner Mahabub Khan, I continue my life journey, discovering and rediscovering dance.

More or Less Form-less was created for the mega online Kathak Dance Festival "Sanskriti Mahotsav" curated by Shila Mehta, produced by the Maya Sapera Dance Company.

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