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Maya explores in her

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I create, research and innovate with passion. It's my way to contribute to the society where I live. 

Spiderweb is the research project of Robbe Kieckens (music), Niko Himschoot (video-art and dramaturgy) and Maya Sapera (dance)



One hand gesture tells the story "Creation of Earth". Intimacy, slowness, sincerity join the process.


How is the emotion reflected in the pupil of our eyes? How does my body speak emotion?



Our actions get reflected in our surroundings. What is the dialogue we want to speak?


How is the individual part of perpetuity, continuity and oneness?


instrument as stage

Dance has always been connected to music or to the absence of it. What if the music instrument became my stage?

A creation process in dialogue

What if we started sharing our process instead of the result? What if not only shared art itself, but had a dialogue about it with our audience?

HLA_Eva (87 van 109).jpg

Curious for more?

You find more details on the research website of the Spiderweb project

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