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A summary

2019: videoclip Blue Silence (Robbe Kieckens & Tristan Driessens) - being edited.

2019: videoclip Radiogolf for Eva de Roovere
2017: Dancing with Krishna for Nupur Zankar Foundation (New Jersey, USA)
2017: The Golden Tieger (Fusion Fantasy)
2018: Le Sacre du Printemps (Alain Platel), choreography Indian dance for children
2013 Kathak Beyond Boundaries
created for Nupur Zankar, Academy for Performing Arts & Reseach Center (Mumbai, India)
2014: dancer for Spinifex (Bollycore) (België, Nederland, Hongarije en India)
2013: Opera, “Als je slaapt”, choreography for the singer.
2011-2013: Opera, production for children “Prinses Aiko” We toured 2 years and performed at  KlaraforKids, Concertstudio Kortrijk, CC De Steiger (Menen), Vlaamse Opera (Gent en Antwerpen), CC Ter Vesten (Beveren), CC Hasselt and many schools
2012: Journey, created for De Centrale (Gent) & Jan Marmenout
2009: Invited by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui I performed Bollywood at the Musée Etnografique in Paris
2006 (zomer): dancer for the Indian group Rangeela (Zephyrusrecords)
Location festivals: Ham, Sfinx, Paulusfeesten, Ruigoord (NL), Dranouter...
2006-2011: Va Fan Fahre (Be, Nl, Oostenrijk, Fr, D)
Paulusfeesten, Sfinx, Mano Mundo, Chassepierre, Jazz sous les pommiers (Fr), Ruigoord (NL), CC Zwaneberg (Heist-op-den-berg), Ottertrotter festival (Mechelen), Handelsbeurs (Gent), AB (Brussel), Rivierenhof (Antwerpen), CC Lokeren
2004: selected by Alain Platel for the project Solo Soli, Cultuurcentrum Kortrijk/Gamma
2000-2001: dancer at the Nationaal Ballet of Cairo (Egypt) (dance productions, theater & TV-work)
1996-2002 Gnaoua Fusion (Belgium en Morocco)
At a.a.: Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Festival van Vlaanderen (Vooruit), Botanique, N9, Pianofabriek, Casablanca, Rabat, Essaouira, El Metteko
1995-1996 Bolivian folk at Laredo & San Simon in Cochabamba, Bolivia
1982-2002: Bharatanatyam with Jetty Roels en D’Oude Kapel
1996-2002: Dances of North-Africa and the Middle East with the Dans-”RUH”

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